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             It was a nice night of Hearth’s Warming Eve, a time where everypony gather on the streets to celebrate the coming holiday celebrating the founding of Equestria and buy presents and gifts for their beloved ones, be it friend, family or lover alike. It is a session of joy, peace, friendship and love with wonders to behold.

             Alas, it was a cool snowy night and the streets of Tambelon, the grand golden capital of the Island Kingdom of Harmony, were glittered with the many colorful lights that were arranged like the million stars that we were seeing on the sky that night. It was a time of sharing and caring. Hymns dedicated to holiday were being sung, ponies and other creatures coexisting with one another were showing love and friendship in every way possible, either through gifts, stories, art or music, and all was bright and well with the wonderful flames of Heart of Friendship keeping us warm throughout the cold nights of the great holidays.

             I am Paint Sketch, by the way, the one who is telling this story you’re reading right now. I am unicorn with blue eyes, blue coat, purple mane and tail and a wooden board of paint and brush as my cutie mark to resemble my skills as an artist. I am a stallion who likes to draw what he imagines and write what he feels like to share. I am creative and friendly, but on the other hoof, I am often clueless, easy-going and forgetful. My favorite holiday is obviously Hearth’s Warming and I anticipated all year for it to come so I can celebrate with all I have.

             At the time of Hearth’s Warming Eve, I was at my home, specifically in my bedroom where I was laying on my bed and playing with my Santa Hooves and polar bear plushy toys. My bedroom was decorated with Hearth’s Warming-themed props such as a wreath, decorative balls and sashes and a small Hearth’s Warming Tree with a few decorations on it. My much larger Hearth’s Warming Tree was in the living room, standing beside a table with milk and cookies on a plate. I was excited to see what kind of gifts I will have under my tree this year.

             I was wearing a Santa hat on my head, a red coat on my neck and a necklace of some sort hanging on my left ear. As I told, I was playing my toys and speaking in a mocking Santa tone, “Oh, you certainly brought your Hearth’s Warming cheer! Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!”

             By the time, I saw my best friend, Justin McHooves, a yellow unicorn with blue eyes, brown bowl manecut and tail and a portable game console as his cutie mark, enter my room with a disgruntled look on his face. It was then that I greeted him, “Oh, hey, dude. So how was your Hearth’s Warming?”

             “Uh… let’s see, it sucked,” Justin replied, “My best friend forgot to bring a Hearth’s Warming present this year.”

             I, being the clueless dork many times over, responded, “Wow, what a jerk!”

             “No, dude, I don’t think you heard me. My best friend didn’t get me a gift this year,” the unicorn repeated in a louder volume while making hoof gestures to make it clearer and more obvious for me to know that I indeed forgot to bring Justin a Hearth’s Warming gift this year.

             I was feeling very guilty inside that I was not able to provide a present for my one and only best friend that I like for a holiday that I anticipated the entire year for. But then again, that was my clueless and somewhat forgetful side that is an obstacle for me and always gets the best of me.

             But I didn’t want Justin to see the pathetic guilt on my face for being a fool, so I wiped that gloomy look off, got myself together and moved onto another topic.

             “You know what, by the way, thank you so much for the ‘Best Friends Forever’ necklace, it was amazing!” I thanked my unicorn friend with a tone of gratitude on my voice, as I picked up the necklace on my ear with my unicorn magic and showed to him the Best Friends Forever Necklace gift he gave me, a golden heart-shaped necklace with a pinkish-red base and a golden inscription that said “BFF” on it.

             I was feeling less guilty now because although I didn’t give him anything this year, he gave me a gift and showed he still gave a damn about me, even though that was the case. But I still had that uneasy feeling though when I saw Justin’ slightly disappointed look which kind of told me that what I said didn’t at all change the fact that I wasn’t able to provide something for him for Hearth’s Warming whatsoever, made more frustrating by the fact that I’m his best friend and his expectations from me were extremely high.

             “But, do you know what would make this the bestest best Hearth’s Warming ever?” I asked nervously. I knew that was an understatement right away.

             “What?” Justin spoke.

             “If you maybe read me one of your awesome Hearth’s Warming stories?” I replied.

             “You know what?!” Justin was pushed to the edge this time, looking quite pissed, and approached rapidly towards me.

             “What?” I said, as he pulled off the Santa hat off my head with his unicorn magic, grabbed me with his hooves and pushed me towards the wall. I banged into the wall and it hurt quite a lot that I gained composure five seconds after groaning, “OOWIE!”

             My best friend and I now switched places as Justin was the now the one laying on my bed and wearing my hat. “You’re gonna tell me one of your stories this year, bitch,” Justin boastfully declared.

             “Okay,” I simply answered and picked up a chair for me to sit on in front of my best friend, “I knew this is going to happen.” Afterwards, I picked up a dozen Hearth’s Warming-theme books across the room with my telekinesis and placed them all beside me.

             “Where did you get all these books?” Justin questioned me, to which I answered, “Well, yesterday, I borrowed these twelve books from the library so I could read them to all the fillies and colts in an orphanage, which I did earlier this morning. Admit it; that was kind of me.”

             “That’s nice,” Justin responded with a slight hint of awe.

             “I was supposed to return them this night but since you decided you want me to tell a story, I’ll just return them tomorrow,” I continued.

             “Anyway, story time!” I uttered, picking up a book entitled “The Founding of Equestria: The Origin of Hearth’s Warming” and opened at the very start of the story as I began to read the story of the days and tribulations before the foundation of Equestria which culminated in the existence of the joyful holiday we all know to be, one of the most common stories I could find nowadays.

             I started reading, “Once upon a time, long before the peaceful rule of Celestia, and before ponies discovered our beautiful land of Equestria, ponies did not know Harmony. It was a strange and dark time, a time when ponies were torn apart…

             “No, dude!” interrupted Justin, “We’ve been told about that story for like a million times! Tell something new.”

             “Fine, I got another one,” I nonchalantly answered and put down the book on the floor. Then, I held up another book which was titled “A Hearth’s Warming Tail” and opened it as I began reading another story.

             “Many moons ago, in the Equestrian capital of Canterlot,” I once again started narrating, “every home in the city was filled with holiday spirit. Every home, except one… and in that gloomy house lived a grumpy unicorn named…

             “Snowfall Frost,” Justin once again cut me off from going further, “Heard it, knew it, move onto something else.”

             I was irritated and groaned as I dropped the book. All of the twelve books I borrowed from the library were the Hearth’s Warming stories I already knew about. Then, I realized that I knew all of them except one, and I picked up that one unfamiliar book that wasn’t like all the other Hearth’s Warming stories I had.

             “Okay, okay, I got an excellent one,” I spoke as I opened the very peculiar book to read what was in it, “I’m sure you don’t know this one, because this is also my first time reading this. This is called ‘The Advent of Courage: the TRUE First Hearth’s Warming’.”

             “The TRUE First Hearth’s Warming?” responded Justin in a bit surprised manner as he got intrigued to know what the true first Hearth’s Warming was and how it was like, “This is gonna be interesting…”

             It was then that I took notice of the name of the author of the book and I was surprised by it, uttering in awe, “And it was written by the same dude who made ‘Light of Equestria’?!”

             “Really? Wow!” Justin quickly responded happily, “I’ve read a lot of his works! I bet it’s gonna be more epic than the ‘Founding of Equestria’!”

             “Yeah, Justin, I love that guy!” I agreed with him and continued babbling out of excitement, “He wrote stories based on the greatest moments in history! You can tell I’m a big fan of his work.”

             “Yeah, yeah, I get it,” the yellow unicorn friend of mine replied as he was losing excitement on his voice.

             I continued gloating on and on and praising my favorite author’s works, “He made other great stories like ‘The Future is Magic’ series, ‘Hooves of Harmony’, ‘The Treasure of Pony Island’, he even made a compilation of short stories called ‘Stories of the Light’ series where…”

             “OKAY! OKAY! I GET IT!” Justin impatiently cut me off and yelled at me, not wanting me to keep him waiting, “Will you just shut up and read me that freaking story already?” I quickly flinched at the unicorn stallion’s sudden outburst and said, “Fine, dude, I guess I should just start already…”

             Thus I regained my composure, Justin calmed down and I moved on to the read for the very first time the one story that was said to be true origin of the holiday…

             Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account in your honor, Your Holy Majesties, Prince Courageous Heart, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Starlight, so that you may know the certainty of the nature and origin behind your being.




             In the beginning, before time, before space, before the formation of the universe and the world, before reality came to be and before the birth of the very first souls in existence was the Word, and the Word was with the Light…

             The Word was the Light.

             Through the Light, all things were made; without it, nothing was made that has been made. In it came Life, Harmony and Friendship, and those great aspects were the Light of the world, of all unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies, zebras, dragons, buffaloes, griffins, deer and other races of the Earth. Civilizations become great and harmonious by following those ways. The Light shines over the Darkness, but the Darkness has not understood it.

             Alas, the true Light that spreads Harmony, Friendship and Life to every mortal was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through from which he came from, the world did not recognize him until the time where he would come to be known.

             He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet, to all who received him, to those who believe in his name, he gave the right to become children of the Light—children born not of natural descent, nor of mortal decision or a husband’s will, but born of the Light of grace and truth.

             The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Light, full of Friendship and Harmony.

             The one who comes after the other has surpassed the other because the one was before the other. From the fullness of his grace, we have all received one blessing after another. For the law was given through ponies and peace and solidarity through Tambelon; grace and truth came through Courageous Heart. No one has even seen the Light, but the Champion of the Light, the Hero of the Universe, who is at the side of the Light, has made it known.




             Four-thousand years in the past, only very little in the world knew the existence of Light and Darkness. But with the coming in the following days, it would be known for all mortals, pony or otherwise, to witness and everything would change, either for better or for worse.

             In a cottage in a small common town of Einhorn where unicorns live, there resided a beautiful unicorn mare who was married to a pegasus named Stoutheart and had a child named Charisma. The unicorn’s name was Elegancy, whose coat was as green as nature, mane and eyes as blue as the wonderful clear sky and oceans, and a flower which was her cutie mark to symbolize her elegant nature, dazzling looks and lovely personality.

             One night, after the unicorn mare just finished tucking her daughter Charisma to sleep and went downstairs to prepare greeting her husband a healthy welcome home, Elegancy suddenly felt nauseous and was not feeling quite well. Her face was becoming a bit pale and an uncomfortable sensation was coming from her mouth as she placed her hoof on her mouth.

             As she started gagging, she realized that she was about to vomit and quickly headed straight to a nearby well, where she laid her head on it and threw the vomit up towards the well. Disgusted and feeling sick, she continued vomiting down the well for a minute until all the filthy releases subsided. It was then she started spitting and coughing, which lasted yet another minute.

             Once she was through feeling bad in her mouth and stomach, she used her unicorn magic, which was fragile at the moment from the constant vomiting, to pick up some of the water coming from the bucket that was hanging above the well and washed her face with water. Afterwards, she was breathing heavily, feeling relieved that the nauseous feeling had passed completely.

             The unicorn got back inside the house to drink water and get the filth in her mouth out of the way. But just as she got inside, Elegancy suddenly felt stinging pain in her body, dropping on the floor and holding her stomach where the stinging came from. A few seconds passed and the pain was entirely gone from the unicorn’s figure as if it never happened. Knowing now what was happening to her, it all made sense now.

             She was now pregnant and was overjoyed to know that she and Stoutheart were going to have another child. Smoothly rubbing her belly, she decided to tell her husband about the news right away. She knew that they wanted to have a big healthy happy family where they would be able to help each other to sustain their lives and love each other with all they have. They would no longer have fear being alone.

             As Elegancy continued pondering about, she heard a door creak open. She turned around to see who was it and was delighted to see her husband, Stoutheart, a dignified pegasus stallion who had brown mane and tail, light-brown coat, blue eyes and a bronze heart with wings as his cutie mark, go through the door and wave at his wife as if to say, “Good evening, I’m home now, honey.”

             The lovely unicorn mare was glad to see her husband for the first time of that night, so she sprinted towards him and wrapped her arms around him which he quickly returned the favor of, while she gave him a quick peck on his lips. Their hearts were pounding rapidly seeing each other in company again.

             As they let go of each other, Elegancy was first to speak, asking her beloved stallion, “So how was your work, honey? Did you do great?”

             Stoutheart replied his beautiful wife’s questions with the statement, “I did well back in the skies. I and the other pegasi were helping to form a pattern on the clouds so that the sunlight is moderate for the rest of the day to prevent damaging the crops in this village.”

             The mare chuckled and was happy hearing about the handsome stallion’s display of hardwork and perserverance earlier in the day, muttering the words, “That is great, Stoutheart! You did it alright! That way, we could provide more healthy crops for our family!”

             “Speaking of which,” the pegasus then spoke, “where is our daughter?”

             “As always, Charisma is sleeping peacefully upstairs,” replied the unicorn, in which afterwards both of them chuckled knowing how their daughter was sleeping.

             It was then she realized she had some good news to bear and raised her voice, speaking, “By the way, I have something to tell you.”

             “Yes, what is it?” Stoutheart replied with a bit of eagerness raising in his tone of voice, anticipated a good reply from his wife, but what he was about to know would shock him.

             Stoutheart then held his hooves on Elegancy’s, which made Elegancy all the more nervous to speak of what happened earlier to her.

             After minutes of silence and persuasion from Stoutheart who only grows more suspicious by each passing time, Elegancy came out of the blue and uneasily uttered five words;

             “I think I am pregnant!”

             Upon hearing this, Stoutheart froze for a moment and felt his whole world stopped abruptly. His face remained still, his eyes were wide in shock and his mouth opened agape in response to the sudden revelation he heard from Elegancy. She looked confused at her husband’s reaction and tilted her head sideways.

             “Honey…?” was the only word Elegancy could mutter.

             Finally, after a moment of suspenseful awkward silence, Stoutheart spoke up in a low-volume yet shocked and monotonous voice, “Are you sure about this?”

             “I am sure… There’s no doubt about it,” replied Elegancy, “I just threw up awhile back and I felt something on my womb…”

             “YES!!!” Stoutheart suddenly shouted in joy, flying up in mid-air and suddenly shocking Elegancy who became a bit annoyed by her husband’s immediate outburst.

             “We’re going to have another child!” the overjoyed brown stallion cried out while tightly holding his wife’s hooves, waving them up and down repeatedly, “This is going to be great! Our daughter’s going to be a big sister soon and we’ll be more complete than ever!”

             Elegancy could only gasp loudly and nod her head. Stoutheart continued speaking out of excitement, “When our children grow up, we will have more to help each other sustain and keep our livelihoods healthy. They will help us at work and taking care of our food, crops and water…”

             “And we can finally have happy lives together!” Elegancy shouted enthusiastically and happily, which after she said so left a wide grin on her face.

             “All my years of hardwork would finally get paid off for good!” the stallion uttered aloud.

             The couple was so excited at the fact that they were going to have another foal and their family would become even more whole that they did not notice that the noise they were making was enough to wake up their daughter Charisma, who was bothered from the commotion going downstairs and proceeded to head down there.

             The indigo-furred unicorn filly with teal irises on her eyes, purple mane and tail and a comet as her cutie mark, namely Charisma made it to the ground floor and called, “Mama? Papa?”

             Upon hearing a familiar voice, Elegancy and Stoutheart turned around to see their adorable little unicorn daughter standing in front of them, looking curiously at them and saying, “What is going on downstairs? I was just sleeping and I heard noises.”

             “I’m sorry if we woke you up,” Charisma’s father spoke to her in a sincere tone before suddenly raising his voice in a joyful manner, “but you’re going to be a big sister!”

             “What?!” gasped Charisma, feeling surprised, “That means…!”

             “That is correct, darling,” said Elegancy as she smiled, “I am pregnant and we will have another foal!!”

             “Yay~! I’ll be a big sister! Yay~!” cheered the purple filly as she approached closer and joined her two adoring parents who loved her just as they loved each other.

             Afterwards, the three ponies, the mother, the father and the daughter widened their arms and wrapped them around each other in a one big family hug, feeling all the well proud, happy and cheerful as if they could not wait any longer for their newborn foal and Charisma’s little sibling to come into this world.

             “I’ve worked all my life to have a complete loving family like you and live in happiness,” moaned Stoutheart, almost gagging as if he was about to let some tears of joy from the excitement earlier, “But now, it seems we will be more complete and happy!”

             “Yep! I love you, Mama and Papa,” the filly cooed in joy and eagerness and touched her mother’s belly, “I love the little foal inside Mama’s tummy too!”

             “That’s right, we all love each other~” cooed Elegancy as she, her husband and daughter all tighten their grips on their hugs without an intention of letting go of each other, for though they are just a small family, they are one happy family who work with each other and protect each other because they all love each other more than anypony else, and they didn’t want it end just like that.

             But at that point, while they are cherishing every second they have with each other, an incredibly stunning shining light suddenly flashed across the room that completely stunned and startled the whole family as they all let go of each other, screamed and fell on the ground.

             “Papa? Mama? What is that?!” Charisma squeaked, feeling very scared.

             “I don’t know, my daughter!” cried her unicorn mother.

             From the dazzling light that was impossible to see through, a messenger, an entity of an unknown appearance, materialized in front of Stoutheart, Elegancy and Charisma who were extremely shocked and clueless, not having an idea what was going on.

             As the mysterious messenger first appeared, with his powerful and majestic voice echoing greatly like huge bells ringing in a tower, he uttered the words to the family, “Greetings, you three who are highly favored by divine providence! The Light is with you all.”

             As Stoutheart, Elegancy and Charisma gazed at the mysterious Messenger glowing with massive brilliance, they were completely speechless and driven in a mix of fear and awe, having witnessed something unbelievable for them to fathom and compromise. The family was even more greatly troubled at the Messenger’s words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be.

             “WHO ARE YOU?!” Stoutheart screamed in both fear and hostility.

             But as the Messenger looked at the stricken anxiety in her eyes, he said to her, “Do not be afraid, Elegancy, Stoutheart and Charisma, for you have found favor within the Light.”

             “What are you talking about?” Elegancy spoke to the one shining in great brightness in return, all the while she and her were slowly backing away a bit and stuttering in both awe and fear in the appearance of the one standing before them, “And how do you know our names?”

             “You, Elegancy, a kind and loving mother, will bear a child,” the Messenger proclaimed, pointing at the green-coated unicorn mare, and prophesized everything of what would come soon, “and give birth to a colt with a horn of a unicorn, wings of a pegasus, strength of an earth pony and a heart of courage, who will be a symbol, a warrior and emissary of unity and peace for all, may they be good or sinful. He will be great, a hero who will bring the world salvation from the shadows of evil and will be called the Champion of the Light. The Light will give him the throne of the Island Kingdom of Harmony and the Golden Apple of the World, Tambelon, he will love his bride, the Princess of Friendship, so as he loves the world forever, and their kingdom will never end.”

             From the nature of things at that moment, Elegancy could only feel that everything the mysterious creature uttered from his booming speech was true, but she was also curious if everything he said was true because she did not have any knowledge whatsoever on the unfamiliar and unknown details of the Messenger’s statement to her. All she could do was nod as an answer.

             As the Messenger finished giving testimony to Elegancy, he in turn spoke in behalf of the fearful Stoutheart and declared with these words, “Stoutheart, selfless and hardworking stallion of mercy and compassion, do not be afraid to help Elegancy carry her responsibility, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Light. She will give birth to a colt, a pony like no other pony in this world. He will have wings and a horn. He will be known as an alicorn and he will be called the Champion of the Light, for he will save all mortals from the Darkness of Sin and Death.”

             The pegasus stallion was still speechless at the Messenger, most especially at his testimony. Being a righteous and reasonable stallion he was, Stoutheart found it very hard to believe that this was happening and to take every single word of the unknown entity’s message seriously. Nevertheless, he knew this was indeed happening and the impact from his holy voice already made it believable.

             Turning to the filly Charisma, who was the most scare among the lot, the Messenger began speaking to her, “Do not fear, little one, for the blessing of the Light showers upon you. You will become the sister to the Chosen One who will bring testimony of the Light to all ponies, zebra, dragons, buffaloes and all other species everywhere. The power of Magic shall be on your hooves and the Elements of Harmony shall be upon your friends, chosen by the Heavens. You and the other chosen will become apostles to the alicorn who will be known as the Champion of Light. The fate of your descendants shall intertwine with your brother’s. You and your brother shall become grand founders of your kingdoms where your missions are to spread friendship, love and unity wherever you may go. You and your family will be revered by this generation and the following generations to come forever and ever, for you are the earthly sister of the Savior whose Reign of Friendship and Harmony will save all from sin and be as it is for an eternity.”

             After hearing those words, unlike her parents who at first hesitated to find truth in the Messenger’s testimonies, Charisma immediately believes them and was shocked to realize that she would become a very important pony in history made known the impact of the statement of the Messenger’s words, as a sister of a Champion, an apostle of the Light, a member of a grand family and a founder of a great kingdom, all of these little did she know would come true for in the future. Moreover, she was also surprised to find out that her sibling that would be born would be a colt. All she could say was, “I’m going to have a little brother?”

             Elegancy, knowing well the weight of great importance behind the message the dazzling entity gave to her family, was still very curious at that matter and doubtingly asked him, “How is this possible? How will we know if this is true? Why do you choose us?”

             The Messenger answered, “It is not I who chooses you. The Light will come upon you, and the power of the High Heavens will overshadow you, so the holy one to be born will be called the Champion of the Light. The night that heralds his advent to this world will be made holy and remembered by many an Earth forevermore. Remember, children of the Light, nothing is impossible, for so long you are with the Light and Friendship amongst you.”

             With the message spoken, a massively bright aura began enveloping Elegancy’s body as she began levitating in mid-air and Stoutheart and Charisma watched in awe and amazement at the miracle that was happening, while the aura around her grew brighter every passing second, her eyes glowed in pure white energies and a force of goodwill was being enveloped around the mare’s womb and into her unborn child.

             While the holy event was taking place, as Charisma and Stoutheart knelt in front of her mother and his wife whose rays of wonderful white light shining much brighter, the Messenger sang a holy melodic hymn, accompanied by a chorus of Light Spirits who also appeared in a bright flash beside the mysterious prophet, to give more meaning and impact to the proclamation of his message to Elegancy who would be blessed with the showers of Heaven and chosen to bear the blessed Champion of the Light…

Oh holy night, the stars be brightly shining,
T’will be the night of our dear Champion's birth!
Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
Till He’ll appear and the soul will feel his worth.
A thrill of hope, the weary world is reborn,
Yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

[Light Spirits]
Fall on your knees!
O hear the voices holy!
O Night Divine!
O, the Champion’s Light will shine!
O Night Divine!
O Night, O Night Divine!

[Messenger and Light Spirits]
Fall on your knees!
O hear the voices holy!
O Night Divine!
O, the Champion’s Light will shine!
O Night Divine!
O Night, O Night Divine!

             As the song ended, the procession stopped and the aura of light surrounding Elegancy disappeared as she slowly descended to the ground and her daughter and stallion approached towards her to see if she was alright. With all said and done, Elegancy felt as if her unborn foal had just been physically blessed by the Light whose presence filled the household. She never felt anything as good and holy as she just had experienced. She, along with her family, no longer felt afraid for she knew now what to do and what duty she must fulfill as the mother who would bear the “Champion of the Light” that the Messenger declared.

             Finally, the green unicorn accepted the Messenger’s words and answered, “So be it. I am a daughter of the Light. May it be to me as you have said.”

             Stoutheart too was now feeling the presence of the Light at full and the weight of the responsibility that he would partake in. It was then that he spoke in return, “The words of Elegancy are true. Our child is blessed by the Light. I will continue to be loyal to my wife and become a faithful father to the one who will be our son.”

             “So am I,” Charisma was the last speak, as she was now feeling the blessing of the Light of Harmony coming down to her as well, “I will become a caring sister of the one who is to come. I will accept my responsibility as a sister, as an apostle of the Chosen One and a daughter of Harmony.”

             By the second Charisma finished speaking those words, the entire family accepted the responsibilities given to them by divine providence above. At that moment, yet another bright flash of light blinded the whole house. When it faded away, the Messenger disappeared and the room went back to the way before the unknown messenger came to her and it became much brighter than usual.

             Later, she opened a window revealing the beautiful night skies with stars and the moon arranged perfectly all over for the family to gaze at with wonder and the three ponies began thinking and reflecting of what happened earlier. While not doubting their responsibilities given to them by the Messenger, they were still curious and wondering if the events concerning her were just a dream, a vision or actually happened in the real world. Nevertheless, they already knew their purpose in their earthly lives and the weight of the responsibilities that they would take part in.
My Little Pony: The Advent of Courage - Part 1
This is the story telling the origins of the greatest savior ponykind and the rest of the world has ever known.

Part 2: Coming Soon

The characters belong to © :iconcrisostomo-ibarra::icondigigex90::iconcourageous-of-light:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to © :iconhasbroplz:
Expressions Commission - Part 1
This is part one of my super-late commission and Christmas gift for :icondarkie-x: where I draw multiples of his ponysona with different emotions and expressions. Part 2 will be uploaded soon.

1-4. Normal face include open mouth as talk also sweat drop.
5-6. Happy face include open mouth
7-12. 3 levels of scare/in fear low, medium, and high include open mouth.
13-18. 3 levels of angry/mad same as scare include open mouth.
19. Yay face like Fluttershy.
20. Derp face.
21-22. Horny face include open mouth
23-24. Silly face include open mouth.
25-30. 3 levels of blush face include open mouth. You know what is look like low blush to high blush.

The OC belongs to © :icondarkie-x:
Have a Spooky Nightmare Night!
I know it's been a very long while since I last drew pony art.

Now, it's Nightmare Night (Halloween) and I must draw something for Halloween and for my friends because it has been a long while since I last communicated with them due to my tight college schedule and constant assignments. So, the least I could do to celebrate Halloween is this picture with my two best friends.

So, have a spooky Nightmare Night, everypony!

Anyway, can anyone guess what our costumes are right now? Paint Sketch's costume is easy and Justin McHooves' is average, but Sky Breeze's is awfully difficult to guess.

Paint Sketch belongs to © :iconcrisostomo-ibarra:
Sky Breeze belongs to © :iconspirit--productions:
Justin McHooves belongs to © :icondigigex90:


One Pony (Plain)
I can draw you your OC pony of a choice or an MLP character if you want to. Just simple and plain.

OC Request- Shattered Ice by Crisostomo-IbarraOld OC - Yeshuah by Crisostomo-IbarraMLP Chronicles - Dismay, Mistress of Fear by Crisostomo-Ibarra
One Pony (Special/Rainbowfied)
I can also rainbowfy your pony OC or modify him/her with badass effects, if you want!

Applejuice with Rainbow Power by Crisostomo-IbarraBirthday Gift for Akira-the-Alicorn - Rainbowfied by Crisostomo-IbarraRainbowfied Tangerine Blossom by Crisostomo-Ibarra
Two Ponies
I can make two ponies of a kind for you, it can be two Canon characters, two OC characters, or a canon and OC character together.

Dos Diablos Caballos by Crisostomo-IbarraRainbowfied Applejuice and Applejack by Crisostomo-IbarraRainbowfied Twilight and Courageous Heart by Crisostomo-Ibarra
Three or More Ponies
Either canon characters or OCs, I can make three or more ponies in a picture. I occasionally do this, so I set up a price of 50 points.

Applejuice Unleashed! - Request for Digigex90 by Crisostomo-IbarraHappy Birthday, BrohoofsUnited! by Crisostomo-IbarraMLP Chronicles - Yearling Six by Crisostomo-Ibarra
I also make non-pony badass villains! I can make one for you, either for your fanfic or headcanon.

Ultimate Tirek by Crisostomo-IbarraAmpelos, King of Plunder by Crisostomo-IbarraThe Oculus Lord - Request for Digigex90 by Crisostomo-Ibarra
Fanfic Posters
I create posters of pure awesomeness! I can make one for your fanfic if you want to. When I finish your poster, just make sure you feature it.

My Little Pony: The Light of Equestria (Japanese) by Crisostomo-IbarraFallout Equestria - Deliver Us From Evil Cover by Crisostomo-IbarraClash of Light and Darkness Cover by Crisostomo-Ibarra
Fanfic Scenes
If you want me to make a scene for your fanfic, I would love to! It can either be romantic, adventurous, epic, anything you want. Just give something interesting.

Lost and Fallen (CoLD - Chapter 1) by Crisostomo-IbarraSpike's Mysterious Opponent by Crisostomo-IbarraKyuukyoku no Saishuu Daikessen! by Crisostomo-Ibarra
I made comic commissions worth 250 points because I rarely even do comics for a while, in contrast that I often do fanfics. But if you want a comic, just ask me and tell me the plot or story behind your commissioned comic for me, and I'll be the one to make a creative one for you. I promise!

A Leader Then, A Father Now by Crisostomo-IbarraDoctor Whooves Comic - I Believe in Her by Crisostomo-Ibarra
What's up, guys? So, recently, I now have 100,000 pageviews in my channel along with over 630 watchers and llama badges.

And also, I will like to give a shoutout to :iconsuperstaredge96: over here for making the first stamp dedicated for me, for my persona pony OC, Paint Sketch.
Paint Sketch Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96
Good job and thank you, dear friend! But as usual, this is a request from my best friend, :icondigigex90:. So, I think I should really thank him.

But, that's not the very reason why I'm posting this journal. The reason is because you must have noticed my consecutive hiatuses in my account in deviantART for the past few weeks. I rarely even upload pony art anymore since I am more focused on other shows like Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I am also much more concentrated my real-life issues and problems in college. Yes, my college life is getting tougher by each day. I really don't want to fail college and I want to excel my life so that I can be happy. That's why I am much less focused on deviantART.

Also, I made no progress on my planned show whatsoever on YouTube, My Little Show, but I'm sure I will start developing and uploading the first episode of my show after Season 6 of MLP:FiM ends.

...which leads us to the other reason why I'm posting this journal. I was so focused on school, that due to my bad memory, I forgot nearly all of the requests and commissions given to me. So, to anyone who gave me a request, commission or art trade, if you read this journal, kindly reply to my comment section below or in my profile the details of the request, commission or art trade you gave to me. And if I have the time, I can be able to make those works you asked me to make and upload them ASAP.

Anyway, this is Crisostomo-Ibarra and I approve this message. Signing out for today, good night, everypony.
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What's up, guys?

I am a devout socialist Catholic and basically a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and various other cartoons because can't a man grow up without watching some cartoons? I do a lot of artwork, both pony and non-pony nowadays, and I'm not the type of person who is expected to come online too often. Also, I don't RP. I used to, but I don't feeling doing those things anymore.

Anyways, requests are closed (but with the exception of Digigex90, because he's a cool guy), but commissions are open to get some points and recognition.

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NOLI ME TANGERE by josephcaesarsdEl Filibusterismo by olrakbustrider

All Hail Celestia! All Hail The Solar Empire!
Vote Celestia by Equestria-ElectionSolar Empire Emblem by Emkay-MLPDEFEND by KitimisuTHE SUN ALWAYS RISES by PeterCJiang

Workers of the world, unite!

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Druzhby narodov nadyozhny oplot!
Partiya Lenina - sila narodnaya
Nas k torzhestvu Kommunizma vedyot!

Skvoz' grozy siyalo nam solntse svobody,
I Lenin veliky nam put' ozaril,
Na pravoye delo on podnyal narody,
Na trud i na podvigi nas vdohnovil!

Slav'sya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,
Druzhby narodov nadyozhny oplot!
Partiya Lenina - sila narodnaya
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V pobede bessmertnyh idey Kommunizma
My vidim gryadushcheye nashey strany,
I Krasnomu znameni slavnoy Otchizny
My budem vsegda bezzavetno verny!

Slav'sya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye,
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Communism by stevanov

:iconcrisostomo-ibarra: and :icondigigex90: BEST PALS FOREVER!!! :D


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